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Auto Body Shop and Collision Repair Dover, Delaware

The # 1 Stop Shop Inc in Dover, Delaware is one of the best equipped Auto Body Shops in the country, providing car paint, auto body repair, collision repair and paintless dent removal. Our Auto Body Shop technicians are trained to handle comprehensive auto restoration. For a car repair estimate call (302) 233-7393.

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For more information about our services, please call us at (302) 233-7393 or visit our Services Page
The # 1 Stop Shop Inc
1373 N Little Creek Rd
Dover, DE 19901
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The # 1 Stop Shop Inc

Overall Rating 5.0

Kevin . - Dover Air Force Base, DE

This company is HONEST with no B.S.I went in to get my outside window trim done. He was very pleasant with a nice attitude. Instead of trying to rip me off he was honest in how the material I have on my SUV would not look right painted over. He gave me some helpful advice that worked out 100%. I wish more car businesses were like this one!

- on Jun, 02 2016

Paul B. - Dover, DE

My go to guys.I have been using The #1 Stop Shop for the last 5 years it started out with a minor body repair on my 11 Ram which turned out great. When I picked up my truck I was told that besides the minor paint and body work they also do full inside and out detailing,spray in bedliners, light mechanical to mention just a few things they do. So since then I have had my front brakes done, oil changed and I just had a spray in bedliner done looks great. I now call them my go to guys. Thanks guys

- on Apr, 19 2016

Jay K. - Dover, DE

Insurance company worthyMy wife and I have a 01 Buick Century that got flooded sitting in our driveway in the last storm we had in Dover. We called our insurance company they sent an adjuster out to look at our car and he told us about Dennis and his shop and said what a good job they do their, so we looked up Dennis' shop and dropped the car off for 3 days. We just picked it up and wow the carpet is 100% dry and all the mildew smell is gone 100% too. In fact there is no smell of anykind now thanks to Dennis and his help. Keep up the great work and we will tell everyone about them. J

- on Jul, 17 2013

Katie L. - Dover, DE

Very reputable company and easy to deal with......My husband and I bought one of Dennis' used cars an 01 Hyundai Accent about 4months ago for our daughter, it's her first car and I must say it's been relieable as well as dependable for our daughter to go to and from school and her part time job. We also just picked up our 09 Trail Blazer, Dennis and his help did some minor body and paint repair work on it as well as a full interior detail on it. My husband and I couldn't be happier the interior had 4 years of our kids wear and stains on the carpets as well as the seats to which 99% or better of the stains have been taken completely out. Not only does the interior look and smell good the exterior looks great again too. Thanks to the #1 Stop Shop our hat is off to you and your help.

- on Mar, 18 2013

Calvin J. - Greensboro, MD

Straight up company to deal with........I bought used 06 Ram 1500 from a private owner who smoked heavily in it. I've tried everything I could find at any automotive store plus had it detailed nothing has worked. I had a friend tell me to check The #1 Stop Shop's ad out online and as you can see I did. I spoke with Dennis on the phone and he told me the only way to get rid of the smell was to kill it all together. He told me he had chemcials he has been using for 15yrs for his car dealers vehicles to which has always gotten rid of the smell 100%. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about so I set an appointment dropped off my truck left it for a day and picked it up the following morning. When I picked it up it had a sweet smell it which reminded me of all the other stuff I used that didn't work. It's now been 3 weeks and the sweet smell is gone and so is the smoke smell. WOW is all I can say and thank you for the great job Dennis did.

- on Feb, 13 2013

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